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Top 10 Destinations in Peru
Come and visit the hidden treasures of Peru and explore its rich history
Officially called as the Republic of Peru, this South American country is undeniably one of the richest when it comes to ancient history. One of the world’s oldest civilizations, called Norte Chico in Caral, is located in Peru. Apart from its interestingly wealthy ancient history, Peru is also filled with indoor and outdoor wonders such as finest architectures and amazingly breathtaking natural beauty.


Puno is the largest city in the Southeastern region of Peru and an important city for livestock and agriculture. This destination is the perfect spot to see the breathtaking picturesque view of Lake Titicaca. Puno is also famous for its man-made islands as well as Dragon boat racing, which is one of the most tried activities by local and foreign tourists.


Famous as one of the best surfing destinations because of its perfect waves and stunning beaches, Mancora is the usual summer destination of tourists. This destination’s peak season is during summer, where everyone is aiming for a perfect tan and enjoyable water activities, as Mancora is known for its turquoise beaches and alluring Peruvian coastline.


Trujillo, which is known for numerous names such as the “capital of the everlasting spring,” “capital of culture of Peru” and “capital of Marinera,” is the second most heavily populated city in Peru. The top destination in Trujillo is the largest pre-Colombian city across the Americas, Chan Chan. The Temple of the Sun and Moon or Moche Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, which is said to be on site for 1500 years ago, is also among the remarkable structures to explore in Trujillo.


Iquitos, which is the best entry point towards Amazon exploration where it got its moniker “capital of the Peruvian Amazon,” is where majority of Amazon region in Peru is found. This destination offers unique experience to its visitors, and is the largest city in the world that is home to world class cuisine.


Lima is where the best Peruvian cuisine is found, and is said to be the second driest capital in the world next to Cairo in Egypt. Lima also showcases sophisticated art galleries and museums where magnificent pottery and other works of art are displayed.


Famously known for the Historic Center of Arequipa, this Peruvian city is also the second heavily inhabited city in the country. Arequipa is a significant tourist spot in Peru because it is surrounded by historic structures, cultural sites and natural beauty, and is known for its unique cuisine with dishes like rocoto relleno or stuffed spicy red peppers and chupe de camarones or prawn chowder.


Cusco is where the historic capital of the Inca Empire is located. This destination is attracting more than two million tourists every year because of its well-preserved colonial architectures.

Machu Picchu

Voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu is believed to be built around late 1400s. This is the focal point of almost every South American trip and its peak season is between the months of June and August. Machu Picchu showcases a breathtaking scenic view of an ancient city that is unbelievably well-preserved despite the volume of visitors each year.

The Inca Trail

One of the most famous treks not only in Peru but across South America, The Inca Trail is surrounded by historic monuments and sites along the trail. This destination offers three trekking routes such as Mollepata the longest route, Classic and One day. This four-day Inca Trail hike is probably one of the world’s most popular hiking trails.


Huaraz, which is one of the world’s most remarkable mountain ranges, may not be as amazing as other Andean village but it shows beauty in a unique way. This destination is considered as a major attraction for winter sports and other activities, and it is where local and foreign tourists visit for climbing, hiking and snowboarding. Its glaciers and snow-capped mountains adds interest to tourists to explore this amazing town.


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