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Top 10 Destinations in Cameroon
Explore the wonders of Cameroon and bag a magical travel experience with its top destinations

Formally acclaimed as the Republic of Cameroon bordered by Chad, Gabon, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Central African Republic, this West African country is a good example of a multi ethnic region. It is oftentimes called as the ‘Africa in miniature’ because of its diversity and multi-linguistic regions, but English and French are its major language. Cameroon is covered with luscious greenery, desert plains, mountainous areas and other natural beauty. This West African country is also renowned for its native music called makossa and bikutsi.


Doula, which is considered as the most important city in Cameroon as it serves as the country’s major port and airport, is the largest city and commercial center in the country. Being the center of several industries, this destination has less to offer to its visitors but there are cozy and chic restaurants and shops within the city. Furthermore, important structures and buildings are some of the few to explore in Doula like Doual'art, Douala Memorials and Douala Water Park.


Yaounde, which is the second largest city in the country and the capital city where most government establishments and buildings are located, is not the typical African country capital. There are interesting sights around this destination the Mvog Betsi Zoo where various species of lions and monkeys are seen and several public markets. Yaounde is said to present architecture at its finest because of the old government buildings dating way back 1970s.


Limbe, which is also called as the ‘Clean City,’ is one of the most recommended places in Cameroon because of its black sand coastline with the dramatic mountain range backdrop. Among the few good stops in this destination are the Limbe Botanical Gardens and the alluring beaches. Another family-friendly tourist attraction in this West African country is the Limbe Wildlife Center.


Kribi - a coastal town situated near Doula - is home to pristine beaches which makes it the main attractions in this destination. Apart from its famous beaches, Kribi is also where the Lobe Waterfalls is located, which is an added point of interest to this town in Cameroon. Since this destination is renowned for its inviting beaches and coastline, seafood is the main dish in the menu which makes the whole getaway sumptuous and delightful.

Parc National du Waza

Probably the most popular national park in Cameroon situated in the northern part of the country, Parc National du Waza is said to offer the best wildlife scenery. Some of the wildlife animals that can be found in this national park are hyenas, hippos, gazelles, antelopes and elephants. Parc National du Waza is also famous for its abundant bird sanctuary.

Mount Cameroon

Standing over 4000 meters in the southwestern part of Cameroon, this active volcano is the highest peak in central and western Africa. Mount Cameroon is also one of the largest volcanoes in the African continent that is surrounded by luscious rainforests. This destination is famous among hikers as it holds an annual event called Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.


Foumban or Fumban is a town in the northwestern side of Cameroon and was once the historic capital of the ancient Bamum Kingdom. This town is known for its genius local handicrafts, while Foumban’s historical art and culture is what attracts tourists. Well-known spot in this destination is the palace found in the heart of the city which tells the story of the kings who once governed their ancient kingdom.

Mandara Mountains

Perched between the borders of Nigeria and Cameroon, Manda Mountains is one of the most visited hiking spot in Africa. This destination showcases fascinatingly picturesque view of nature with its hills and landscapes (it would not be surprising if it is one of the famous tourist spots in Cameroon). In exploring the culture around the Mandara Mountains, it is highly recommended to visit local villages and experience their way of living.

Musée d’Art Camerounais

Found within the Benedictine Monastery in Yaounde, Cameroon, Musee d’Art Camerounais is worth a visit. It presents interesting collections of bronze arts, woodcrafted items and artistic pottery. Since Musee d’Art Camerounais is situated inside the Benedictine Monastery, visiting the chapel covered with Cameroon local art designs is a must.

Musée du Palais

Known as the oldest palace across the African continent, Musee du Palais is being occupied by the king or sultan of Foumban. This is one of the most visited destinations in Cameroon because of its historical value. Musee du Palais showcases belongings of the previous sultans or kings who have served the ancient kingdom starting 14th century.


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