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Saint Maarten

Top 10 Destinations in Saint Maarten
Saint Maarten

Saint Maarten is an island country found in the Caribbean. It was also known as the Island Territory of Saint Maarten, and was one of the five islands that constituted the Netherlands Antilles. Saint Maarten is completely different from other islands in the world with its alluring and tourist friendly nightlife places, a large number of shopping centers including grocery shops in the city like duty-free, Philipsburg, flashy casinos, great quantity of condo units and spread out resorts, it can sometimes feel overdeveloped and over artificial, but you'll also find a few peaceful, visually charming beaches around Simpson Bay and Little Bay.

Have you ever wanted to experience a quiet Caribbean evening and a unique seaside experience? Did you ever wanted to see some natural stone bridges? If yes, then these places in Saint Maarten is perfect for you.

Island of Prickly Pear

Enjoy a day trip to the Island of Prickly Pear. Cruises, sailing & water tours are all available here. Of course, a trip to St Maarten will not be complete without a day trip to the amazing and outstanding island of sun and sand, the Prickly Pear Cay. That’s not all, you can also experience a swim stop on a beach nearby, the Anguilla beach. A 10 years of Lambada which involves boat fun, family parties and prominent crew has made her a constant top 1 for having excursions. The trip will cause $120 for 8 hours but it is all worth the money.

St. Barts Ferry Transfer

For only $100 you can spend 8 hours experiencing the beauty of the unaltered white sandy beaches and glorious snorkeling areas that St. Barts offers. Rome around the island at your own leisure, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings. Although small, this island has a lot to offer especially in terms of relaxation.

Tango Caribbean Dinner Cruise

Experience the true Caribbean way on this evening dinner cruise. Guests can enjoy and relax to an open bar and snacks as the catamaran sails along the coast of St. Martin, capturing the attractive colors of a Caribbean sunset. After a while, a Creole buffet style dinner is served and guests are invited to dance till the time flies. $80 for three hours, a truly Caribbean experience a perfect place to have a romantic evening.

Saba Day Trip

Also known as the 'Unspoiled Queen', Saba is an eco paradise and quite the getaway for fanatic divers, hikers and nature enthusiasts. The journey is 75-90 minutes, through the docks in Fort Bay and it is the only access to the sea on Saba. Saba is full of sheer cliffs on all sides, and even the old slave path still exist where goods were off loaded for transport to the villages by donkey. This trip has a price of $100 for 8 hours.

Historical Philipsburg Bike Tour

For $49, cycle beyond the jewelry shops and casinos that captivate millions of people to St Maarten’s today, you can also get to know its historical sights on this 3 hour bike tour. Learn about the town’s maritime and legacy as you see St Maarten’s oldest inn, the Philipsburg Courthouse, and experience hilltop views of the Great Bay and capital from Fort Amsterdam. If you’re looking for some adventure with a bike ride then this is a perfect place to wonder around.

Orient Beach and Maho Beach

With this 5 hour package you can hang out at the beach, walk on the white sand, swim in the ocean, rent a beach chair and relax while drinking your favorite beverage. You can spend 2 hours at Orient Beach enjoying the sand, sun, water and breeze. As soon as you’re done, you can head off to Maho Beach, where some of the largest aircraft come in for landing right overhead and take off right before your eyes. With the day well spent at the beach, you can now go back to town.

St Maarten Sunset Schooner Cruise

Go ahead and aboard a sailboat that’s more than 100 years old for $39, and you’ll cruise along the coast from Simpson Bay, drinking rum cocktails or wine while you watch the sunset turn from red to orange, then yellow. When the sun goes down, enjoy the atmosphere of being on the water as the stars come out for 2 hours. A truly magical experience with the view of the sun settling down and the moon rising up and the stars twinkling on top of you.

4-Hour Quad ATV Adventure from Philipsburg

If you’re up for some relaxation time with a little touch of adventure then why not spend some free time on the French side of the island at Orient Bay, where you can relax and swim, eat lunch and go shopping in Marigot. On your way back, stop at a beach bar at Maho Bay and watch the planes fly over the beach. This is a great way to see the island. This is a 4 hour adventure for $100.

St Maarten History Tour

With this tour you get to visit the historical landmarks and discover alluring views on this 4 hour history tour of St. Maarten. See the entire island and learn about the unique and charming history on this adventure. There is a maximum number of six guests per group. Learn about St. Maarten's culture, as well as their geological and natural history. Along the way, you can stop for an iced coffee or tea and a delicious Caribbean cake.

Tintamarre Island, Creole Rock and Lunch in Grand Case

Sail around the island of St Maarten on an 8 hour cruise with lunch included for $129. By riding a catamaran, you’ll sail to the neighboring island of Tintamarre, you can snorkel off Creole Rock, have lunch at Grand Case and experience mesmerizing views of St Maarten's gorgeous coast. Passengers are limited to 28, so make sure to be one of them!


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