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Top 10 Destinations in Aruba
Top Ten Tourist Destinations In Aruba

The island of Aruba lies in the north of Venezuela, which is best known for its stunning beaches, wind-sculpted terrain and some best wreck diving spots in the Caribbean. The island is relatively dry plus it has fine weather almost all year round and its location saved it from most of the hurricanes. Because of this, tourists can come any time of the year and enjoy Aruba’s outdoor attractions and water sports.

Aruba is gifted with beautiful beaches scattered all around the island, but the north part lures the tourists most for its calm water and dazzling sand. Visitors can also enjoy sliding down from towering sand dunes, kite surfing, swimming in natural pools, discovering the unique rock formation of the island, fishing and riding on a four-wheeler or a horse to explore the rocky terrain of Aruba.

Here are 10 tourists’ destinations I would love to recommend to those who’s planning to stay on this island:


The capital of Aruba features the extraordinary Dutch colonial architecture seen in its pastel-hued buildings. For tourists, there are many shops, restaurants, galleries and museums with lots of entertainment options to enjoy here.

Wilhelmina Park is a great attraction for tourists especially when the lush plants bloom in June, September, and October. King Willem III Tower is another must-see spot in this city while other attractions include Aruba Aloe Factory, Butterfly Farm, the harbor market, National Archaeological Museum and the Numismatic Museum.

Boca Prins

Boca Prins lies near the Blue Lagoon and Fontein Cave in Arikok National park. The coast sustains massive sand dunes drifted by the trade winds. The shifted sand sculptures are a great attraction where tourists can slide from the peaks. Crushing and maddening surf, silvery beach and limestone cliffs also create a great view for its beholders; however, the area is very dangerous to swim, though it’s a great place to go for a picnic.

Bushiribana Ruins

The ruins were once a large smelting works built by the Aruba Island Gold-mining company in 1872 at Bushiribana. The work continued for 10 years but the construction was very solid that remained until now as a proof of one important history of the island. For tourists, it is a great place to experience a touch of the past and to photograph.

Alto Vista Chapel

Alto Vista Chapel is a small but a treasured landmark in Aruba which was built in 1750 by the Spanish missionary. In Spanish, Alto Vista, which means “highest view,” was built on a high hill from where you can get a very beautiful view of the island’s north shore.

California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse is Aruba’s another great attraction that has been featured on postcards and brochures. When the sun rests in the horizon at the end of the day, this lighthouse is the perfect place to watch it. You can also enjoy the serene calm nature here with panoramic views of the island.

San Nicolas

San Nicolas is the second largest city of Aruba and it's mostly known for its famous hangout “Charlies Bar.” The bar became a great attraction for its discoveries and souvenirs on the wall. Carubbian Festival, held every Thursday from 6 pm to 10 pm, is now another attraction here.

Philip's Animal Garden

Philip's Animal Garden is a perfect place for animal lovers. It is a non-profit organization founded by an animal-lover Philip Merryweather and a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for 52 species of animals. The place is a popular tourist’s attraction as it also runs educational and interactive tours. Your excitement can easily exceed the limit while feeding some of the animals with your own hands.


In the south Caribbean, Antilla is considered as the largest wreck. This site is one of the most popular dive sites in Aruba. It has a great history that connects you to its past back when this German freighter was decided by the crew to be sunk, instead of letting it be confiscated during the start of the World War II.

Rancho Daimari

Rancho Daimari was established in the 17th century on the northeast coast of Aruba. The most exciting activity of a tour here is horseback riding. The place is rocky and steep but visitors are all welcome warmly especially riders. You can also visit the Daimari beach along with a former coconut plantation.

Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park, with its caves, sand dunes, unique rock formation and the cacti-covered terrain, is an amazing place for tourists. The old rock formations have Indian paintings upon them which are known as Ayó. While walking the trails through the rocks, visitors may find a great scene to enjoy and an opportunity for photography.

There is also a 30-metre natural bridge at Anicouri which was curved by the harsh blows of waves, while Bushiribana Ruins and its old stone walls are the remains of gold smelter from the 19th century.


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