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Top 10 Destinations in Curaçao
Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Curaçao

A Dutch Caribbean island, Curaçao, is mostly famous for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs and marine life. Just like Aruba and Bonaire, this island is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports.
Here are the top 10 tourist destinations I would recommend to those planning a trip to these islands:


As the capital of Curaçao, Willemstad has a lot to offer to its visitors. Its pastel-hued colonial architecture makes the city picturesque. In addition to its attractions, the floating Queen Emma Bridge and Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue from the 17th century make the city a great tourist destination.

Queen Emma Bridge

The two parts Punda and Otrobanda of Willemstad are connected by the Queen Emma Bridge, which is actually a floating bridge built in 1888. The bridge is also known as “Our swinging old lady.” The bridge swings open to let the ships enter and leave the bay. Tourists enjoy their meal or coffee while sailing on boats here, but at night the bridge lit up and that’s when the view is more spectacular.


Handelskade pier, located on the Punda side of Willemstad, is composed of the beautiful pinks, blues and yellows painted Dutch Colonial buildings which can be found in every postcard of Curaçao.
Sitting at one of the Handelskade's outdoor cafe, you can enjoy the Queen Emma Bridge. You can also wake up early in the morning to pick up some fresh fishes from the floating market or hop in a shop along the water. At night you can take a walk amidst the Handelskade's illuminated nightlife.

Playa Lagun

The beautiful Playa Lagun is a peaceful tourist attraction in Curaçao located near the northwestern town of Laguna. Its calm water is perfect for snorkeling. There is also an opportunity to rent the snorkel and scuba diving gears here. While diving into the Playa Laguna's crystal clear water, you can spot vibrant fishes, sea turtles, and even squids.

Playa PortoMari

For undersea exploration, hiking and mountain biking, Playa PortoMari beach is a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. For underwater lovers, there is an opportunity to rent snorkel instruments on the spot.
After doing all the adrenaline rush activities, foods like Indonesian states and Dutch on the beach bar and restaurant will definitely lift your spirit up for another round of adventures. At the end of the day, the breathtakingly beautiful sunset will make your day worth staying here. The natural wonders and plenty of comforts and facilities here bring gatherings from all over the world.

Mambo Beach

Mambo Beach is one of the top attractions to the tourists. It is composed of dazzling white sands, the crystal cerulean blue water, a sand volleyball court, shops and many restaurants as well as bars those are mostly live on Sunday nights.
You can also rent gears for a snorkel or go for a scuba trip. While having fun on the beach try not to leave your bags or valuable stuff unattended as some tourists claimed of pickpocketing and teamwork thievery.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay beach is one of Curaçao's most attractive and beloved one amongst all its pristine beaches. Because of the offshore impressive coral reef, the beach is always swarmed with scuba divers and snorkelers. The multicolored corals and tropical fishes and the ocean floor covered with corals make the dive here more exciting and rewarding. Both above and underwater, the tranquil and beautiful nature has made the place worth a visit.

Kurá Hulanda Museum

The Kurá Hulanda Museum is the home to the history of the African slave trade on the island of Curaçao. It has preserved the 18th-century artifacts and scale models with the tales of the dark era of the island.
The museum also safely kept the collection of Mesopotamian relics, pre-Columbian gold, and Antillean art. The museum can be easily recommended for those history lovers and knowledge seekers to trace back the time and find something worth knowing.

Cas Abao Beach

The stunningly beautiful white-sandy Cas Abao Beach, located near the town Fontein, is ornamented by cliffs and lush greenery and large palm umbrellas. The hot turquoise water is filled with tropical vibrant fishes, sea turtles, and diverse aquatic life.
Along with its magnificence, the beach has convenient facilities such as body massage spa, beach bars and restaurants which offer great snacks and drinks.

Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue

The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue is located in Willemstad. It is the oldest Jewish temple built in 1674 and it’s astounding to watch how well-preserved it is until now. The most surprising and fascinating part is the sand floors of the synagogue.

You can also visit the Jewish Historical Cultural Museum adjoining to the Synagogue that homes the Torah scroll as well as other artifacts and Judaica. These were brought to this island by the first Jewish settlers.


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