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Top 10 Destinations in Greece
Top 10 Greece Destinations

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. You will enjoy your visit to this place with its islands, enchanting beaches, medieval culture and definitely the food and lifestyle. Greece is a place with natural, as well as human created beauties, so take a trip to this land of culture and tradition to appreciate its hidden beauty.

Athens — The City of Olympiad

One of the oldest cities in the world, Athens has many historic values in the world history. The city comprising the history of the world Olympics has many historical stories and monuments lying in it. Splendid and carved monuments and museums gives a ride into the history of the city and the country. If you are in Athens, never forget to visit the beautiful museums, especially the open-air museum which delves with the culture of past civilization in the city. Some other destination to visit includes the stylish restaurants, shops and entertainment places like Gazi.

Chania—The City with Venetian History

Chania is not only known for its historical Venetian Port but is also known for its shops and restaurants. With churches, old monuments and buildings, it is the place with many historical buildings showcasing the beautiful architecture of Chania’s historical past. The Harbour city has many places to roam around for those photography lovers. Some of the places you should never miss includes The Episcopal Residence, Nautical Museum of Crete, Statue of Francis of Assisi, The Firkas Fortress and definitely the streets and restaurants.

Santorini—Panoramic Volcanic Island

This volcanic island with Cliffside villages is one of the best destinations in Greece, and missing this place is really a big failure of your travel. With mesmerizing beach side and a picturesque beauty of architecture, this place will release you from all your stress. Climb the volcanic crater to view the beauty of this city and don’t miss the beauty of the Red Beach, which is known for its unique color of sand, blue water and cliffs surrounding it. Also, visit the Catholic Cathedral of Fira, Ohio, Dormition of the Theotokos church at Akrotiri, Emperio Village, Belltower of Virgin Mary Church, to name a few.

Imerovigli—Village with Beautiful Sunset View

Known as the Balcony of Aegeon, Imerovigli is famous for the beautiful sunset view. A small village in the island of Santorini, Imerovigli has many beautiful churches to visit with architectural beauty. If you are in this city of sunset, don’t miss to visit the church of Ai-Stratis, Monastery of Saint Nikolas and Skaros.

Thessaloniki – Port City with World Heritage Destinations

Nestled at the fringe of the Thermaic Gulf, this is the second largest city of Greece. The city is known for its architecture which is related to its history. When roaming around the exquisiteness of Thessanloniki, you will witness many frameworks of Romanians and Byzanites. Places like Aristotelous Sqaure, Byzantine churches, Villa Bianca, church of Saint Demetrius, PanagiaChalkeonand Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki should be in your to-visit list.

Milos - Best Place for Newly Weds

A ferry route and you are in the beautiful and pristine place of Milos in the laps of wonderful beaches. One of the best places in Greece, Milos is really the best place for a honeymoon couple. Best place to experience is the island with blue crystal water and sandy beaches that’s surrounded by multi-coloured rocks patterned due to the volcanic eruptions. If you are in the lap of this magnetizing island, do not forget to visit fishing villages like Mandrakia, Klima, Fourkovouni and Firopotamos. Other hot places to visit are Medievel Kastro, Ancient Theatre, Catacombs, Mineralogical Museum, to name a few.

Olympia – The Birth Place of Olympics

Olympia can be considered as the museum of the ancient Greece. Olympia, the birth place of the games of Olympics, is one of the oldest cities in the world. With beautiful architectural buildings and monuments, don’t forget to visit the Temple of Zeus and the ruins of Olympia, where the whole games of Olympic started.

Rethymno - City Dedicated To Beautiful Churches and Beaches

Pristine beaches, Byzantine churches and monasteries, picturesque villages - you will admire all these in this city in Crete. Rethymno, a city carved with the beautiful architecture and monuments, will give you some of the best views you would have never seen. The Venetian architectural buildings, the famous lighthouse and harbor in the old city are just some of the many things you should never miss to include in your itinerary.

Skopelos - The Traditional Settlement of Outstanding Beauty

Stationed at the western Aegean Sea, Skopelos is one of the islands comprising the Northern Sporades. This island with fascinating beaches and blue sea is also famous for the wildlife, architectural heritage and food. While roaming in this city of tradition, do visit the architectural monuments and buildings that served as the representative of the traditional culture of Greece.

Kavos - Enjoying the Nightlife

Kavos is a small village in the island of Corfu. If you are in Kavos, forget all other things and enjoy the beauty of nightlife here. Drink, dance and party - that’s what fun-loving people of this city believes in. Apart from nightlife, water sports and unique delicasies are the other two attractions of Kavos.






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