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Top 10 Destinations in Belgium
Belgium is a land which is universally known for its absolutely great quality and variety of chocolates, mussels and beer. Belgium is politically divided into two major halves, where the top half is inhabited by Dutch speaking community, known as Flanders, while the bottom half of Belgium is inhabited by French speaking community called Wallonia. The capital of Belgium is Brussels, which is indeed announced as the official bilingual capital. Belgium is tagged and well-known as a small but a very well-organized country with fabulous transportation facilities and breath-taking places to visit.
The top destinations that you should visit in Belgium are:

Brussels – The Capital of Belgium

The capital city of Belgium is Brussels and this is indeed a place that you should necessarily visit if you are in Belgium. The city is completely filled with numerous wonderful museums, fabulous architecture, shops and restaurants where you may spend some real quality time. These all make Brussels a great place to hang out. Some of the places where you may very likely step in are Savour terrace coffee café, La Grand Place, the new Herge Museum etc.

Bruges – The Venice of the North

Bruges, which is popularly termed as the “Venice of the North,” is surrounded by wonderful and well-organized network of canals. There is a historic centre in the city which is well-preserved and is declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The city has also numerous luxury and exotic chocolate shops where you can treat your taste buds. Bruges is presumed to be the heaven to the chocolate lovers.

Tournai – The Land of Specialized Religious Architecture

Tournai is a wonderful city of Belgium which is famous for the breath taking religious buildings with some wonderful architecture. The city is famous for architecture of the religious buildings and you should surely witness the greatness in the sculpture works in the monuments situated in Tournai. The Romanesque, which is constituted of five towers, and the other Gothic masterpieces are highly appreciated for their medieval architecture.

Theatre of Wars – The Cemetery of The Great Wars

Belgium had witnessed many European and World Wars too over the past centuries. Waterloo is one such place in Belgium that you may surely visit due to its historic importance. The Napoleon’s Headquarters and the Wellington Museum are the places worth visiting, which have a lot of historic significance. There are also monuments and cemeteries in Ypres which are worth visiting.

Ghent – The University Town

Ghent is a beautiful laidback town which is well-known for the universities, plenty of cafes, restaurants and boasts of a cool vibe in its surroundings. The city was developed over the backdrop of the ancient architecture of the thirteenth century Gothic churches. The universally famous polyptych panel painting of The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb is worth seeing while visiting Ghent.

Antwerp – The Creative City of Belgium

Antwerp is highly popular as the creative city of Belgium. The city is famous for the works of artists Rubens and Van Dyke of sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Ruben’s popular house and studio at the Rubenhuis is the place that you may visit in Antwerp. Apart from that, there are numerous famous museums which are worth visiting.

Castles of Namur and Chateaux – The Land of Fairy Tale

Namur is a place in Belgium which is famous for its castles. The castles of Veves are nothing less than a fairy tale and are highly appreciated by its visitors. The castle and the Gardens of Freyr, which is located near Dinant, are famously named after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty, and you cannot afford to miss seeing this place if you are in Belgium.

Liege – The Cultural Capital of Belgium

Liege is a cultural hub in the Wallonia region of Belgium. Liege is situated on the banks of Meuse River and is not very far from Netherlands. La Batte Sunday market in Liege is one of the famous places that you may visit here. Apart from that, the Palace of the Prince Bishops and the various medieval churches are also worth visiting if you are in Liege.

Charleroi – The Destination for Perfect Photography

Charleroi is the largest city in the Wallonia region of Belgium and is the perfect destination for photography. The Glass Museum and the Saint-Vierge-Marie Church are the famous places in Charleroi to be in your itinerary.

Beer Tour – A Must-see for the beer lovers

While visiting Belgium, taking a beer tour is a must for the beer lovers. There are more than 650 varieties of beer which are brewed by the Trappist monks and you may surely taste at least some of the best varieties if you are fascinated about beer.