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US Virgin Islands

Top 10 Destinations in US Virgin Islands
US Virgin Islands

Officially called the Virgin Islands of the United States. Virgin Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean. The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and is located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles.
The culture of the Virgin Islands reflects the various people that have inhabited the present-day of U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands, but despite their political separation, they have kept close cultural ties. The island was also strongly influenced by the Dutch, French and Danish during the periods of their control of the island.
Here are the opulent places you should definitely visit in the United States Virgin Islands:

Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Bay is a perfect choice beach in North Shore. Mile-long Cinnamon Bay is St John’s biggest beach and arguably its best. It has a complete facility for all your vacation needs like showers, toilets, a restaurant, grocery store, taxi stand, campground and an archaeological museum of Taino relic.

Cruzan Rum Distillery

Cruzan Rum Distillery is a popular distillery around Frederiksted. If you are interested on how the islands’ popular elixir are made, stop by the historic distillery for a tour plus you get to try their finest products.

Buck Island Reef National Monument

Buck Island Reef National Monument is an island found in Christiansted. Even though the land mass is small, Buck island still draws big crowds. It has an 18,800 acre of fish-frenzied coral-reef system surrounding the island wherein the sea gardens and a marked underwater trail creates a captivating area for snorkeling.

During winter, the trade winds blow hard at Buck Island, which can be challenging for beginners to do water sports. On the other hand, a hiking trail circles the island’s west end and leads to an impressive breath taking scenery.

Isaac Bay

Isaac Bay is a beach found in Point Udall and East End. This isolated serene beach offers no shade or facilities and you'll have to hike for about 20-30 minutes through scrub to reach it, but it’ll be all worth it when you reach the end and find a beautiful stretch of sand. The Nature Conservancy manages the area as part of preservation for green and hawksbill turtles. Snorkeling on the coral reef here is great, but just be careful of the strong current though.

Christiansted National Historic Site

The Historic site popularly known as Christiansted includes several infrastructures, and the most impressive is the Fort Christiansvaern (it is a four-point citadel occupying the deep-yellow buildings on the town) built on 1749. It is made out of Danish bricks, and the fort protected citizens from the invasion of pirates, hurricanes and revolts. You can also find cannons on the ramparts, a confined dungeon and latrines with a splendid sea view waiting inside.

Magens Bay

Magens Bay is a beach in Charlotte Amalie. The sea here are perfectly calm and a best place to relax and spend your vacation. The bay broad and the surrounding green hills are sensational, and tourists mob the place to soak it all up.

Water Island

Water Island is another Island found in Charlotte Amalie. Water Island, which is sometimes called as the ‘Fourth Virgin,’ floats spitting distance from Charlotte Amalie; however, with only about 100 residents and very few cars or shops, the place is not that crowded. Honeymoon Beach here offers fine swimming and snorkeling, which is definitely a perfect place for water adventure.

Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park is a national park found in Cruz Bay. There are 6 National Park that covers two-thirds of St John plus 5650 acres underwater. It is an immense resource, offering miles of shoreline, pristine reefs and 20 hiking trails. If you’re up for an adventure, this is the perfect place to be. The center of the park for tourist sits on the dock across from the Mongoose Junction shopping arcade.

Hull Bay

Hull Bay is a pristine beach in Charlotte Amalie on the north coast and just west of Magens Bay. Hull Bay is a gem of seclution when Magens is overcrowded. Hull Bay is perfect for surfers and tourist who enjoys just watching gorgeous views from a far.

Coral World Ocean Park

Coral World Ocean Park is a diverse 5 acre coral world. The place was voted as the best tourist attraction and eco-tourism activity within US Virgin Islands. It features a wide variety of attractions and activities like exotic aquariums, outdoor marine pools and nature trails. It is truly an unforgettable experience to see the marine life surrounded by coral reefs, but that’s not all as they also offer an opportunity to pet a shark, feed the stingrays, wild iguanas and tropical birds.


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