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Kiwi Picking / Packing

Why Only Travel If You Can Earn Cash Picking Kiwis In Australia

Kiwis – succulent, sweet, sour – a very unique fruit. Kiwis are used to be called “Chinese Gooseberry” but its name was changed back in the 1950s to Kiwi because of its brown and furry skin. The skin of the fruit was likened to New Zealand’s national bird – Kiwi.
The climate in Australia is not that ideal for growing kiwis but plantations are learning how to cope with it. Kiwis are quite similar to grapes – both are fruit vines and it takes a few years before it will bear fruit.
Kiwis needs to stay in the vine for at least six weeks for it to ripen, therefore it provides a wide window for harvest unlike berries. Kiwis don’t reveal much if they are ripe. The only way to determine if the fruits are ready for harvest is by testing the sugar levels. Once the level reached its peak, the Kiwis are ready to be harvested.
Kiwi picking in Australia usually begins in early April until the last week of May. The picking of Kiwis ends when the winter season begins. Frosts are not good for Kiwis which means that the fruit must be harvested by then.
However, once the Kiwis are harvested they can be stored in the fridge and still retain their great flavor even after several weeks of storage.
The success or failure of the Kiwi plantation ultimately depends on the weather. Australian farmers know too well how heat waves or hail storms can wipe out all the hard work they put in their plantation.
Kiwi picking is a seasonal job opportunity and weather dependent. If the Kiwi production plummets because of factors such as the weather, expect your chances of earning big to lower considerably.
If you ever decide to become a Kiwi fruit picker in Australia, make sure you sign up at least 2 or 3 weeks with at least several plantations before the official Kiwi fruit picking begins, since there are probably tons of people eager to fill the same job.
For seasonal work and based on experience, you can expect to work at six in the morning. Waking up early is a prerequisite especially if you are going to be employed for around 8 to 12 weeks only.
Some hostels can try and help you get a Kiwi picking or packing job. But you need to verify and inquire some details before you start your career as a kiwi fruit picker.
One detail that you should not overlook is how you are going to get paid. Usually, you get paid by the hour or by the bin. Depending on the situation and if given the option, sometimes getting paid by the hour can be more financially rewarding than being by the bin or vice versa.
Before working for a Kiwi orchard, it will be best to make inquiries at the concerned government agency about your minimum wages.
Some contractors usually pay lower rates for tourist and backers since they assume that the foreign pickers have little or no idea about the laws of Australia concerning such matter.