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Nectarine Picking / Packing

Welcome to the world of Peaches where the Nectarine exists!

A so-called mutant from the peach fruit with the nickname “shaved peach.” A fruit proud of its A, C and E vitamin benefits, which makes its babies via peach budding. You and I may have been familiar with our furry fruit peach but think differently about Nectarine.
The Nectarine, though a product of peach mutation, is rather smooth compared to a peach’s furry skin which we got used to and even appear to be a bit smaller in its size.
A baby from an unclear history but some scholars says that the fruit was born in China, the Orient from the past.

Nectarine garnered worldwide acclamation for the juicy good smell of it owns, and for the original taste it has. The fruit had a long way going through all its life, a travelling route from East to West, coming from the giant Chinese land to Persia until it met the Greeks’ taste buds calling it “Nectar of the Gods,” setting foot on the continent of Europe and then reached the hands of the British oldies in the early years of 1600s. Now it stays comfortably in the cradling soils of Italians, French and Spanish growers. Looking farther on our globe, it also settles in present-day South American lands.
You can also call this lovely smooth-skin buddy as “fuzzless peach.” This so-called fuzzless peach is one of the biggest names in Australian fruit marketing with its pal, the plum, and its closely related and so-called family member peach, during the summer days of the land down under. Nectarine is as also an export product bouncing back as money to Aussies.

It is one of the bragging rights of our fellow Australian growers since it helped name the land down under as a home for sunny summer fruits being a main attraction to eyes and tongues.
Nectarines are normally harvested in Australia either from October to December or November to late April, depending of its variety. Low chill varieties of Nectarine that are being harvested from October to December includes Diamond Pearl, Arctic Star, Snow Flare, Honey Blaze, Spring Bright and Zee Fire; while high varieties like Arctic Snow, August Pearl, Bright Pearl, Fire Pearl, Regal Pearl, August Fire, August Red, Fire Sweet, September Bright, September Red, Summer Bright and Summer Fire are being harvested from November until late April.
Take note as well that low chill varieties are usually produced and harvested in areas that are warm while high chill varieties are produced in places such Orange/young regions in New South Wales, Swan Hill regions and Goulburn Valley in Victoria, South Australia’s Riverland region and southern parts of Western Australia.

Just like any other fruit picking job, Nectarine pickers are paid by the hour, which is usually AUD$15, or by the bin. Although, compared to other fruit picking jobs, Nectarines are way easier to pick because of its size and you only need to fill small buckets/bins.
It is best to start your job as a Nectarine picker early in the morning and never forget to bring huge water bottle, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and to wear long-sleeved shirt for protection, since this requires long hours of work.