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Strawberry Picking / Packing

Explore While You Earn Money by Harvesting Nutrition-Rich Strawberry Fruits in Australia

Strawberries are grown all year round in the country, depending on the climate of the particular region, with different varieties such Millewa, Lowanna, Kiewa, Kalinda, Bunyarra, Adina, Tallara, Festival and Rubygem.

Millewa is a variety of strawberry that is large and with a conical-shaped. It is bright red in color that has a great taste due to its high sugar content. A Millewa fruit grows up to 20.0 centimeters and are harvested from spring to summer and from autumn to early winter. Lowanna, derived from the Aboriginal word for beauty, is a conical-shaped large strawberry with bright glossy red color, which is available for harvest from October to June. Kiewa, which is available from October to January, has a nice strawberry smell with excellent taste.

Adina has great juicy taste and nice aroma. It has a very large bright glossy red color that is almost a perfect variety of strawberry for its taste. Kalinda fruit are large with conic red, which is normally available for harvest from October to June.
Meanwhile, another variety of strawberry is Rubygem – a large short-conical, dark-red strawberry grown in Queensland that has a great taste and resistance to rain damage. Lastly, another variety that is usually harvested during October to January is Tallara – a kind of strawberry that has a very deep-red large size with a sweet taste when it is ripe.

Like other fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, eating strawberry help prevents the risk of heart diseases, decreases risk of obesity and cancer. It also helps lower the cholesterol level in the body, energy and weight lose. Eating one serving of strawberry gives 160 percent of vitamin C of the Recommended Daily Value.
Strawberries are low in calories and fats but rich in vitamin B-complex, vitamin B-6, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and folic acid. These vitamins helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

It is rich in fiber which controls the bowel movement and cleanses the colon. It also contains potassium which helps maintaining blood pressure normal. Folate or folic acid is also one of the benefits you can get from it while Vitamin E gives healthy glowing skin. It also contains copper and iron that helps in the production of red blood cells and its formation. Fluoride is also present to prevent deficiencies of bones and teeth. So, including strawberries in your daily diet will help you maintain and prevent the risk of developing diseases and skin damages.

Australia is one of the favorite travel destinations in the world, with its promising and beautiful landscapes that attracts tourists, but now you can also earn money while traveling to the Land Down Under. The country offers strawberry fruit-picking job all year round. You can work part-time and be paid in an hourly basis. You can earn for about 15 Australian dollars for an hourly rate.
Strawberries are plants grown low to the ground with about 15 centimeters high and spread up to 50 to 100 centimeters wide that ripen fast. So it is necessary to pick those that are ready for harvest. When harvesting, make sure to wear long-sleeved clothes, sunglasses, hat, wear boots and put on sunscreen lotion for protection from the sun. Bring plenty of water also for rehydration.